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Can I use my One4All Card Online?

Yes - One4All Gift Cards can be used online at www.woodies.ie

You need to register your One4all Gift Card in order to shop online at Woodie's.

When you register online at www.one4all.ie you will be given an Online Expiry date which allows you to use your gift card with Woodie's. (This Online Expiry Date is not the expiry date of your gift card, it is an allocated security date to be used as an expiry date when shopping online.)

Click on the Get Expiry button at www.one4All.ie and enter your gift card number.

Then in the Password field enter your CVV2 number which is located on the reverse of your gift card.

When shopping simply select the Visa option.

You will need your Gift Card number, CVV2 and Online Expiry Date to complete a purchase.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your card when purchasing online.

Please note due to new EU regulations, from 10th January 2020 the maximum online spend is €50 per transaction.